Rituals and Freeform Magic

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Rituals are freeform use of the power that is created when chaos and magic mingle. Driven by raw imagination they produce uncontrolled magical effects. Rituals are usually the province of the Savants of the Imaginarium and were the primary reason they were granted access to the Courts. There are no set and codified rituals and most Savants keep their personal rituals a close secret. We will attempt to work with Savants who can cast rituals to ensure they have at least one example ritual. Ad-Hoc rituals are dangerous, once the fires of imagination and chaos combine it can consume essence like a brushfire if the casters do not retain control of the magic. This can be incredibly harmful for Fae and mortals alike if they are affected by the rituals. Ritual Mechanics Rituals worked out in advance just require the caster to notify the Game team to allow them to prepare to enact the results or produce the effect cards required. Then the ritual is roleplayed in game by the caster (s) any way they see fit. Ad-Hoc rituals require the Game team to assign a magnitude to the ritual in agreement with the caster, the magnitude will depend on the desired effect and almost certainly be dangerous. Magnitude The magnitude of a ritual determines how much essence is consumed in the casting. If there is not enough essence present to pay the cost the ritual there will be some form of backlash on either the casters, targets or ritual area as determined by the game team.

Practical Magic

Most Savants will have some token magical powers they have learnt to control and manifest safely, these are usually very studied and have strict rules and processes that refine them.

These normally take the form of items or accoutrements with spells bound to them that serve a particular purpose, an amulet that offers protection for example.

These items in practice work in one of two ways:

Minor charms will be considered to be prepared off game and come with a single use/tear lammie that does not cost essence. "A pentacle infused with light that shatters if a killing blow is struck"

Or will be an item with a power card/lammie that allows essence to be spent by the owner to produce an effect and can be re-used provided there is essence to do so. "a rod that when charged with imagination fixes a faerie in place motionless for a turn of the glass"

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