Booking and Participant Veto Policy

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

There will be an initial expression of interest period of around two weeks from the initial opening of booking to allow us to gain an insight into how many players are interested in each court. An unweighted lottery will take place to populate the courts. Any persons who are not allocated a place in their first choice court may move their booking to any under subscribed court. Once this initial player list is created we will create a waiting list. Participants may choose to link their bookings with one or more other participants if their attendance would be contingent on another person also attending; this will be factored into our lottery process. From the time of initial release of booking allocations, those who are successful in booking will have a further two week period in which to pay a deposit (unless explicitly agreed otherwise) - which will be set at as low a percentage as possible, to allow us to confirm venue hire. The remaining balance will be required at least one month prior to the event. In the event of non-payment, your ticket will be offered to someone on the waiting list. Age Policy While we do not wish to discriminate due to age, Ascension is not suitable content for persons under the age of 18 due to adult themes and content.

We will run and can recommend other games suitable for minors to attend. Cancellation Cancellation at least one month before the event will result in a full refund provided we are able to find another participant to take your place; if not, we may be able to offer a partial refund. Within one month we will not generally be able to offer a full refund, but may be able to offer a partial refund if your ticket is resold.


We recognise that there are numerous reasons why participants may not be willing to attend an event at which certain other individuals are present. Such situations can arise from any degree of normative social conflict, from historical or current abusive behaviour, or from any number of other reasons. We feel that all participants should be able to make an informed decision about whether or not they would be willing to attend an event, and that knowing who else may be in attendance is a prerequisite of being able to make such a decision. We will therefore publish lists of players and crew at the point that bookings are accepted, and will keep such lists updated with any changes. Ascension have chosen not to operate a system in which any participant has an automatic veto over the attendance of any other. We will not implement specific “must-avoid” policies; however we expect individuals to respect the wishes of others who may not want to interact with them for any reason. Where a participant feels that the attendance of another individual is an absolute barrier to their attendance, they may contact us to discuss this at any time - we will respond to such requests on a case by case basis. We hold our own list of individuals whom we will not permit to attend our events, mostly due to safety concerns or past breaches of policy - the bookings will be politely declined as is our right to do so. We will not make this list of banned participants publicly available.

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