Pact Magic

Updated: Mar 29

Social Conflict There are many social pacts and bonds within the court of the imagination. Fae are particularly strong in and affected by pact magic and geas and it is commonly utilised to gain political leverage or eliminate opponents without death. Most of the mechanical abilities relating to social conflict can be found by reading the abilities or "show me cards". Game team members and Games control will have Pact cards, if you pact another character in play or alter the level of an existing pact you should provide them with a card - this confirms the mechanical effect has been applied and accepted. Pacts are a big part of the game, as is the arguing, clever weaselling out of and manipulating of pacts. If you agree to a pact IC with someone then you should expect there to be repercussions if you break it without a clever plan. We would ask that all players keep in mind the rules when creating pacts with other characters. Pacts of servitude, or to force people to undertake actions, should ensure they do not force a Player into a uncomfortable situation or violate our terms. If someone tries to pact you to do something you are OC uncomfortable with please refuse the pact card and speak to a game team member about your concerns. Pacts are to create a web of intrigue where characters have strings that can be pulled to make the Ascension more difficult and more dramatic. Pact abilities have a power level specified on the card

  • Level 1 pacts are a mind effecting compulsion - you know what you agreed to and you find it hard to not comply if directly challenged or the holder is present. Pacts of favour or friendship are normally lip service and can be twisted.

  • Level 2 pacts are mental and physical compulsion - You have agreed a pact and if you do not keep it then not only does it affect your mind, but it will cause discomfort and pain to resist it. Such pacts however can still be manoeuvred around with guile.

  • Level 3 pacts are sworn to an individual and are a compulsion on par with True Love or True Hatred - these are consuming and difficult and will require a character to spend an essence to resist the effects of the pact or they will suffer a setback from how debilitating the repercussions are.

  • Level 4 pacts can be sworn to individuals, but are more common to a bloodline or to the throne. These are normally almost as ironclad as a level 3 however the pact holder can usually kill or seriously harm the recipient if they break the pact.

Pacts can be upgraded, changed, cancelled, altered, and transferred by numerous abilities - this is intended to provide the dramatic intrigue and espionage required to keep the game running. We will attempt to keep every individual appraised of anything that happens to their character so they can roleplay appropriately but we would ask people to be considerate and to understand a pact is not active until the target has received and accepted the pact card. We also do not prescribe how the roleplay effects are carried out as each player will have their own comfort levels in regards to this type of roleplay - any effects described are open to the interpretation of the player receiving the effect. Finally pacts should be textured and varied - if you steal or transfer a pact that was freely given, while the pact will be active it would be reasonable for the target to react with anger or disgust upon discovering the positive and freely given pact with a friend or court member has been subverted. These feelings and emotions will scale with the level of pact.

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