Game Management Calls

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Game Management Calls/OC calls Time In/Out - Commence or End IC Play Time Freeze - Stop Play/interaction FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! / "OFF GAME FIRE" - There is a real fire please direct attention to it and then immediately observe venue fire safety. FIRSTAID! FIRSTAID! FIRSTAID! / "OFF GAME FIRSTAID" - there is a real injury direct a member of the game team to deal with it, who should call time freeze and clear the area for the first aiders to respond appropriately if the casualty cannot move. (see taking the air, for returning to play from minor injuries). Lines, Veils and Calibration Ascension is an adult themed game and we would expect participants to expect behaviours in keeping with this but within the boundaries of our policies. The game team would like a word on Lines and Veils. Lines are a "hard line", one that we would prefer is not crossed in play. We will not engage with things on our list of Hard Lines and this list might be updated periodically if we find a theme that we cannot permit within the game and we will take action against people who cross lines. Our Lines are:

  • Implied, simulated, or suggested sexual abuse or rape

  • Sexualisation or Grooming of Minors

  • Infanticide

  • Miscarriage or stillbirth

  • Forced pregnancy

  • Racial or Religious abuse or bullying not based on in game attributes.

  • Sexism, this is a fantasy setting where real world gender bias is irrelevant.

  • Anything else that would directly violate our E&D, or Conduct policies.

Veils are down to the individual and are things that they may not wish to explore through roleplay, we provide a number of IC/OC mechanics below for veiling things. For example torture is theoretically a permissible theme, however some people would not wish to roleplay that narrative and use of the mechanics below should direct you to change the narrative. IC/OC crossover calls "Bring it on" - I am enjoying this argument or conflict/combat and we can escalate. Please be respectful of safety and the games rules when escalating scenes, this is not license to be reckless. "Let's draw a veil over that" - Someone is roleplaying a narrative that is uncomfortable, this signals that you wish to continue roleplaying but do not wish to explore that narrative further. If the person chooses to ignore your request then you should excuse yourself via Eye Shading or utilise a firm lay off request. "Eye Shading" - The person shading their eyes wishes to leave without interrupting the scene or interaction continue to roleplay while ignoring them. "Lay off" - I am not enjoying this argument or conflict/combat and it needs to end. "Taking the Air" - A person is questioned about their absence which relates to OOC matters, this phrase lets the questioner know that their absence was not suspicious or in character and no further cross examination is required. The above calls are not for IC benefit and should not be used to gain advantage in game. We would like to provide a game where people can choose their own level of involvement. Everyone's thresholds and enjoyment of LRP is different and player led calibration provides a non-immersion breaking step to enjoying the game. If you feel someone is abusing the mechanics above for IC gain please quietly discuss it with a member of the game team. The mechanics above do not preclude things like conflict they simply mean that you may have to be understanding how it is enacted which is part of the social contract of the game.

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