Event Itinerary/Format

Updated: Mar 29

Ascension will be running on the following timetable:

Friday -

19:00 onwards will be an out of character social to allow people to mingle, and relax ahead of the game.

Saturday -

We will be holding a number of interactive workshops to assist with any queries about the game or rules, allowing courts to meet out of character so they recognise each other.

We will then move to another mingle where people can seek out those they have IC links with to discuss them before time in/so they can recognise the other party.

After the workshops a generous amount of time will be given to costuming and preparing to play - and soft time in will be at 5pm to allow for pomp and circumstance with arrivals to the game and IC introductions.

We anticipate pacing the event to finish/conclude before 2am Sunday morning when we will time out and Ascension will be complete.

Sunday -

Sunday will be a breakfast - followed by a short debrief, AOB, Feedback session and then departure.

Alcohol Policy

We would ask that players bring their own alcohol to the event and consume responsibly.

Friday night people are free to do as they wish within reason though we would ask there is minimal sharing of drinks for hygiene and Covid safety measures.

Saturday, we will be asking players who are willing to bring a bottle in character - but we will have a bar setup to serve drinks during the evening event.

We ask people to bear in mind the conduct and games management aspects of intoxication.

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