Essence is a resource used to pay for abilities within the game. Every character will have an amount of essence to start play with. Some abilities consume essence - others require you to pay essence to an affected character. Essence was first discovered at the time of the mixing of the bloodlines, some postulate that its creation was a result of magic meeting chaos and crystallising into pure imagination. Not much is known about how essence works or what it is, only that it can be used as a fuel or power source for the fantastical. Essence is both a physical thing, and intangible part of anyone touched by magic or chaos. It can be manifested, extracted, utilised in rituals or consumed to achieve things beyond mortal ken. Most expenditures of essence are an abstract of a character expending their own personal essence to create an effect - however essence can also be distilled into a liquid or even a crystallised format. Savants of the Imaginarium covet crystallised Essence as it allow them magic far beyond what the spark in their blood permits.

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