Data Protection

Ascension may ask for your personal details as part of our booking process. Information that we request may include such things as:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Emergency contact

  • Dietary requirements

  • Specific accessibility needs

  • Medical information that would be relevant to first aiders.

We will use this information in the following manner:

  • Processing bookings.

  • Fire registers and other site-specific insurance and safety purposes.

  • Legal or safeguarding obligations, as previously outlined.

  • Medical information will be made available to first aiders in the event of medical emergency.

  • For catered events, dietary requirements and allergy information will be shared with catering staff.

We will not otherwise share your details with other organisations without your consent. We will not keep this information for longer than necessary. You may at any time request a copy of any or all information that we hold on you, ask for that information to be updated, or ask that that information be amended or deleted. We reserve the right to retain information about any incidents in which you break our code of conduct, and any complaints that have been raised against you. This information will be kept separate from any other personal information, and will be accessible only to our core staff. You may request a copy of any information that we hold in this regard - though note that in the case of complaints, we will not disclose any information that might risk breaching the anonymity of the complainant. You may request that we delete any information on breaches of our code of conduct, or on complaints held against you; however, if you do so we reserve the right to cancel any and all current or future bookings that you may hold.

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