Conduct Handbook

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

By booking a place at this event, you are agreeing to abide by the following code of conduct, in line with our interpretation and implementation of it.

We consider safety, inclusivity, and accessibility to be fundamental to our vision of what LRP should aspire to.

The ultimate aim of this documentation is to ensure that all participants - players, crew, and organisers - attending our events are treated fairly, with dignity and respect, and do not suffer out-of-character discrimination, harassment, or other forms of harm.

The “Code of Conduct” is binding for all participants, including players, crew, caterers and organisers, with the expectation that it is read and agreed to as a condition of booking, a copy will be available in the out-of-character area at all events.

You must not:

Discriminate against others, or use derogatory or bigoted language based on out-of-character attributes including:

  • Age

  • Body type and physical appearance

  • Dietary requirements and choices

  • Disability or Neurodiversity

  • Gender or Sex

  • Nationality

  • Parental status

  • Ethnicity

  • Religion or belief

  • Sexuality

  • Social or economic class or employment status

If you break this policy, we can:

  • Offer you a warning and discuss the situation with you

  • Ban you from attending future events

  • Ask you to leave the event

We will:

  • Take all complaints seriously

  • Keep your information confidential, especially around complaints

  • Aim to provide any reasonable adjustment needed to improve accessibility to the game

Acceptable Behaviour

It is the responsibility of all participants to adhere to the code of conduct, and the aims and spirit for which it stands. Following this code at all times is a condition of attending any event that we run, or using any online space that we curate. It should be noted that we consider the spirit of the guidelines to be as important as specific wording of any part of them. Any attempt to defend unacceptable behaviour by attempting to twist the wording of our policies will be considered a potential breach of the policy in its own right. We expect all participants in our events to accept full personal responsibility for all of their actions. Whilst it is impossible to give a comprehensive list of all behaviour that we would consider unacceptable, the following general categories apply:


It is not acceptable to use any derogatory or bigoted language, or language that otherwise seeks to tease, humiliate, or insult an individual based on an out-of-character attribute they possess. We do not accept the excuse that any such language is used lightly, ironically, or in jest. We understand that this can be difficult due to the degree that gendered language - as well as the use of words and phrases with racist, sexist, ableist, etc. undertones - is normalised in wider society, and accept that everybody slips up on occasion, but we would encourage all participants to make their best effort to keep their language as inclusive as possible. As such, we would ask participants to be mindful of the impact that their language has on others, and to be avoid using language of this type; it is always acceptable to call out the use of harmful or discriminatory language. We do ask that participants be willing to extend the benefit of the doubt when it comes to minor slip-ups, which do unfortunately happen even when everybody is acting in good faith. If someone calls you out on your use of language in this way, we suggest a prompt but sincere apology, and endeavour not to continue using harmful language - as in any contentious situation please refer to the game team if this is an issue.

Sexual Harassment

We consider sexual harassment to be entirely unacceptable, and we pledge to fully support anyone who reports that they have been sexually harassed at one of our events. Sexual harassment can generally be considered to be any pattern of repeated and unwelcome sexual advances, in or out-of-character

It should be noted that sexual harassment can be perpetrated by a person or persons of any gender, against persons of any gender. Additionally, issues can arise around sexual harassment at LRP events when participants attempt to justify what would be unacceptable behaviour in any other circumstance as “just being in character”. We do not consider this an acceptable excuse or justification for such behaviour, and we will respond to any complaints of in-character sexual harassment with the same process as out-of-character sexual harassment.

Inappropriate Themes

Please see the game management section for hard lines we do not accept in our games. In addition to the hard lines detailed in the game management section, we feel that certain themes should be considered to require careful handling that respects their full gravity, as they may cause participants to feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If participants want to include or reference them during roleplay or discussion, they should give careful thought to the way in which they are portraying these topics, as they might cause distress to other players. Whilst it is impossible to make a definitive list of all topics which might be distressing, or which would require careful handling for other reasons, these might include the following:

  • Abortion.

  • Overtly sexual contact/play (specifically - participants should be mindful that some people find a sexualised atmosphere or discussion of sexual activity to be upsetting or uncomfortable, and are reminded of our rules on harassment in this regard)

  • Genital mutilation or castration

  • Consensual incest

  • Portrayals of disabilities, Including but not limited to sensory impairments, mobility impairments, and mental illness including eating disorders, where the participant does not themselves have that disability.

  • Portrayals of real-world events of an upsetting or traumatic nature (like Apartheid or the holocaust).

  • Self-harm and suicide.

This list of distressing themes is not considered to be exhaustive, If as a participant there are other themes that you would find particularly distressing or triggering to encounter at one of our events, please let us know.

Alcohol, Smoking, and Drugs

We understand that LRP is a social activity, and that some participants enjoy drinking alcohol, smoking, or using other intoxicating substances in such situations.

Without wishing to take any moral position on this issue, we would like to make the following clear:

  • It is unacceptable for a participant to become so drunk or intoxicated that they are incapable of continuing to roleplay in a safe, responsible, and respectful fashion. Participants who are found to be in such a state will be asked to remove themselves from the in-character area.

  • If a participant has consumed alcohol or any other intoxicant, it is their responsibility to ensure that they do not get into a situation in which they are likely to cause harm to another person, such as by engaging in combat when they are incapable of fighting safely. If in doubt, a participant should err on the side of caution.

  • It is unacceptable to use any illegal intoxicating substances at our events. This has serious legal repercussions for both the site and event management team, and can put individuals in difficult situations in regard to their professional obligations to report illegal activity. We reserve the right to ask any participant who is using illegal substances to immediately leave the venue, and to ban any individual breaking this rule from future events.

  • We require smokers and the users of e-cigarettes and vapes to obey all site-specific regulations around designated smoking areas, and to also be mindful of not smoking where it will inconvenience or otherwise adversely affect others. This includes: not smoking in areas that people have no choice other than to pass through - such as near entrances or on major thoroughfares; asking permission from those around them before smoking; and moving away or extinguishing cigarettes on request.

  • It is unacceptable to smoke indoors at any of our events, or in any tent which we provide; the use of vapes indoors is only allowed when specifically permitted by site-specific regulations. If in doubt - participants should assume that they are not permitted to smoke or vape indoors.

Photography and Filming

Ascension will provide an event photographer, however all photographers at our events - will be mindful that some participants may not wish to be photographed, and to make best efforts not to photograph anyone who has stated such. We will give opportunities for any participant who wishes to opt out of being photographed to express this. We expect photographers to promptly remove any unwanted photographs from social media or other publicly-accessible sources on our request, or that of any of those depicted. Additionally, we consider the use of video recording equipment such as GoPro by any participant to be unacceptable unless explicit permission to use such devices has been given in advance.

Other kinds of Inappropriate Behaviour

Additionally, we consider the following to be unacceptable at our events; again, this is not to be considered an exhaustive list:

  • Interfering with any participant’s mobility or sensory aids, such as moving a wheelchair without the explicit permission of its user

  • Entering an individual’s out-of-character room or tent without their explicit permission, or refusing to leave an individual’s out-of-character room or tent after being asked

  • Interfering with any individual’s out-of-character belongings unless that individual has explicitly given permission for you to do so

  • “Gender policing”, for example, by asking another participant to leave a bathroom area based on their perceived gender

The Anti-Weasel Clause

None of the following are ever considered a valid excuse for unacceptable behaviour. Attempting to justify such behaviour with these or similar excuses will be judged harshly:

  • “I was only joking”

  • “I was drunk”

  • “It was in-character”

We remind all participants that the spirit of the policy is to be considered more authoritative than the exact wording, and legalistic attempts to defend breaches of acceptable behaviour will not be treated as valid. It is worth noting that whilst intent may provide context for any given behaviour, it is not something on which we take a particular stance. This is to say - participants are held accountable for their actions and the consequences of those actions, not their intentions.

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