Characters in Ascension

Updated: Mar 29

All characters for Ascension must have a court unless they are game team members.

All characters for Ascension night will be co-generated with the story team.

The character creation process runs as follows:

Each player will be placed into a court and will have the opportunity to find out who else is in their court.

An email with a selection of Keywords will be sent out and the player will be required to pick 3 to add some flavour to their character.

Keywords are both descriptive character building aids, but also may have in-game effects or uses where appropriate.

The game team will then write up part of the character and return it back to the player with a number of opportunities to make links in and out of court with other players.

These links can be freely discussed out of character to create story or context for them to enhance in game play and this can be added to the character brief.

The game team will write up any special abilities, position or powers the character has and finalise the character brief before returning the finished version back to the player.

Any final tweaks the player wishes to make will be considered before the character is finalised and written into the event.

One of the goals of Ascension to allow people the freedom to create and present a character without fear of it inhibiting their ability to play the game.

Our mood board contains images to provide a visual feel or ideas.

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