History of the Courts

Updated: Mar 29

In the times of legend the Faeries ruled over the mythological lands of the dreaming, a mirror of the mist shrouded isles below, a time when the pattern of magic was freshly drawn and mortals still looked with wonder on the all the things they did not understand. The wild and immortal faeries grew jealous of the passion and vibrancy of mortals and broke the laws of the realms to fraternise with them, finding them intoxicating. From these unions a great travesty occurred and magic seeped into the mortal bloodlines and chaos seeped into the faerie bloodlines. The alarming revelations discovered by the illicit union between mortal and fae came late to the halls of the dreaming, and those who resided there quickly realised that they had no sure way to eliminate the traces of their power from mortal bloodlines nor chaos from their own bloodlines. This schism would forever alter fae kind shattering it as a bloody civil war ensued and the untainted tried to cleanse the bloodlines in panic. The war was brutal and spilled out of the dreaming and many ancient rules and traditions were abandoned as proxy wars lasting decades in the mortal realm were invoked that filled both realms with death, hatred and pain. This culminated in the formation of the Courts of Summer and Winter and eventually an accord that war would never again openly threaten fae kind or the mortal realm. This accord was bound with the souls of the Summer and Winter Kings as they became the Throne of Ascension. Every 101 years the courts may call for a night of Ascension and on this night the courts send representatives to meet in the mortal realm to decide which court will rule until the next night of Ascension. The Courtiers making up the courts are aware of the power the Throne grants them and that it controls the ebb and flow of mortal imagination and attending Ascension night is as intoxicating as it is political and dangerous. The Courts have traversed centuries of conflict and reformation however Ascension night has remained a constant throughout this time. The night has changed with the times however evolving from festivals in the forest, to tournaments and feasts into balls and operas with the trends mirroring the desires and styles of the mortal realms.

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