Accessibility and Welfare

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

"Diversity is inviting everyone to the dance, inclusivity is inviting everyone to dance"

We will attempt to provide multiple avenues of resolution to all plots and encounters, in order to maximize the extent to which those with specific accessibility needs can engage with them, and likewise will be willing to discuss possible adjustments to game mechanics where they are not fully accessible to any participant. Because the event involves the possibility of in-character combat, we have implemented game mechanics to allow participants to mitigate this or leave the scene and we have mechanics for combat which allow disabled participants to be involved in conflict or combat scenes. Where game mechanic relies on colour-coding, we will avoid using combinations of colours which may cause difficulties for participants with colour-blindness and have a member of the game team present to confirm the colours. We will have printouts of core rules available for players to check mid-game - These will generally be in the participant welfare area. Where relevant, we are willing to discuss adjustment of in-game factors to avoid or alleviate out-of-character distress, such as by avoiding phobic triggers, or adjusting roleplaying effects, and come to a solution that is suitable.

  • We will have an out-of-character quiet space that participants may access at any time.

  • We will have members of crew designated for participant welfare.

  • We will also have water available in the participant welfare space, along with access to tea, coffee, and basic snacks.

  • We shall endeavour to provide access to power outlets for wheelchairs, sleeping aids, and the like where this is required.

  • Where possible, we will provide access to refrigerator space for medications and the like on request.

  • We have mechanics in place to leave and re-enter the game at any point without detriment to your character.

We pledge to strive towards creating a game environment in which diversity is welcomed and accessibility is championed. To this end, we shall seek to incorporate any reasonable adjustments to our events to promote inclusivity and widen accessibility, as to empower anyone who wishes to attend to be able to do so and participate as fully as possible. We do not believe that it is possible to create a “one size fits all” accessibility policy that will be universally helpful or acceptable to all participants - in part because some adjustments that improve accessibility for one group of people may make an event less accessible for others. Where possible we will try to have step free access though this can be venue dependant and all sleeping areas will be out-of-character. We will prioritise the allocation of sleeping areas and endeavour to meet the needs of anyone who has specific accessibility requirements.

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