A Bit of Background

Ascension is a Neo-Noir LRP about the struggle for power in a hidden supernatural kingdom, and its interaction with the mortal realm.

A Celebration ball set in a Gaslight/Victorian setting,  Ascension draws themes and influences from folklore, as well as contemporary media like the Chronicles of Amber, A killing on Carnival Row, World of Darkness and the Dresden Files.

Ascension was inspired by several other LRP games and valuable insight and input was provided from the community, including but not limited to:

London Under, Avalon LRP studios, Crooked House LRP, Profound Decisions, Reality Checkpoint LRP, Carcosa Dreams and Mind's Eye Theatre.





The "traditional" or Seelie court of Tir Na Nog, styled after the court of Oberon and Titania.  

The court of summer believes in tradition and is heavily susceptible to the Faerie curse of form and function.

Creatures of habit and tradition as ancient as some of its nobles.  Knights, Maidens and Magisters maintain an elegant Monarchical society.

All the Fae in the court of summer are "pure" blooded fae with strong lineage.

The summer court is shaped by honour and virtue and demands that the social boundaries are observed rigidly.


The "unseelie" court, laced with chaos and unpredictability.  Often cast as the villains (especially by the Summer Court) given they refuse to adhere to tradition. 

The court of winter is less a court and more a number of individuals who disagree except when they agree (because they have to) and its internal politics is as vicious and octane as its exterior facing.   It is often joked that the only thing the winter court agree on, is that the summer court are worse.

All the Fae in the court of winter are "halfblooded" fae and as such wildly vary due to the influence of chaos and the addition of human blood into the bloodlines.



The savants are a unique group of mortals playing a *very* dangerous game.   They range from haunted or inspired muses like the great authors and musicians of our times whose talents drive the Fae to hedonistic destruction, and self-taught warlocks and witches whose spark of lineage allows them to manifest supernatural abilities.

They are generally considered to be too weak to contest the will of the courts, though the wiser of the witches and warlocks insist that they represent moral affairs and provide valuable council to the courts.  

They also provide potent allies and have insight and power in the mortal realms in places the Fae do not see or understand as the mortal realm becomes a more modern and industrial place.


A recent addition created by the arrival of Count Tepes, the court of night spread rapidly and secretly before being revealed and entering into a full on war with the summer court.  The war was brutal and nearly revealed both fae and vampires to mortal society several times before the Savants of the Imaginarium assassinated Lord Tepes.   Much to their disgust the remaining vampires banded together forming the Court of Night and were accepted as a Court to formally end the war during the last night of Ascension.



The Game Team are included in this section as for the purpose of immersion they are characters.

They will be representing the courts servants and tasked with handling paperwork, administration and menial tasks such as ensuring the facilities are up to scratch and the food and wine is acceptable.

All of the game team will be dressed in plain clothes, with a flat cap to avoid breaking immersion while not looking like a player character.

They can be questioned or talked to IC though they will probably be too busy for idle conversation or know very little about what is happening IC.

We would ask for logistical sensibility that you avoid trying to duel, pact or cast rituals on the Game Team.   It won't provide any drama or in game benefit.